How to Develop Useful Skills


No matter the quality of a tutorial or textbook, you won’t learn to draw, paint, sculpt or photograph by just reading about these subjects.

There is one combination of personal traits and habits that are necessary to learn to produce quality art; these are not “talent”, nor “passion”, as some might guess. The most important qualities and habits can be developed: humility and persistence. The more “masterful” an artist becomes, the more they are aware that they are a student, everyday and in both the largest smallest ways. Your must realize down in your bones that you don’t know what you don’t know. You cannot know your limits and therefore you cannot know your abilities, you must be bold, humble and trust. These may seem to be contradictory traits, however, they are actually complementary.  This does not mean that you must be passive in your artistic development; on the contrary, you must remain responsible and aggressive.Understanding, developing and integrating these necessary aspects of skillful creation are the objectives and reason for existence of Foundation Art Skills (FAS).


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