Practice does not make Perfect

But practice does make you accomplished and compfortable with your art creation.

Practicing the right skills with the right awareness of how that practice helps and why you are doing the practice will help you improve your artistic awareness and abilities. Such practice will make it easier to produce satisfying work and improve your ideas and “creativity” and should never stop. “Perfect” is a stopping idea that hinders your development.

“Perfect” is a distracting concept and counterproductive to your development. Firstly, awareness of what is “perfect” is a personal thing and should and will change as you develop artistically. “Perfect” is a show stopper – it’s much more productive to be able to say “I like XYZ because …” In fact, in my classes and workshops, I encourage group critique but I always say that certain words should not be used. These are words such as: “like”, “good”, “bad”, “cool”, “awesome” without a clear statement of “why”. Judgement is an important primal skill but unless you understand your opinion, that opinion will only help do you instinctively appreciate art but will do little good when it comes to your development as an artist.

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