What is Foundation Art Skills (FAS)?

Foundation Art Skills (FAS) is a blog regarding artistic skills that are the primary building blocks for graphic expression. Each post will be a short tutorial or comments for a skill that is, or should be, part of the foundation classes that are part of a four year art school curriculum. As they become more comprehensive in scope, these posts will be edited, combined and indexed to form a system of subjects like chapters in a book. In its blog form, FAS is simply a way to collect and document thoughts on these subjects and solicit feedback from whoever is interested.

Why is FAS Important?

What do you want to do with your art? For that matter, what is your art? How can you learn and develop useful art skills, even if you don’t feel you have “talent” or you don’t really want to be an “artist”? Have you learned a lot about art and making art but feel like there are some holes in your basic skills, understanding or basic temperament? FAS is designed for the neophyte, amateur and master to benefit and contribute simultaneously. Some Post subjects or Topics may seem very basic and trivial but lead (through links and references to deep discussions and diversions).

If any of these questions come even close to being relevant to you, FAS may be helpful and interesting. Imagine being able to convey your ideas and impressions effectively without apologizing for your lack of “talent”. Imagine creating images confidently when you apply for art school, participate in local art club activities or even take your professional skills to the next level; all of these capabilities require developing the skills presented here.

Foundation Art Skills (FAS) is a website that I have created to help you develop the fundamental art skills that are necessary to draw or paint effectively.  These skills will be necessary whether you intend to develop as a artist, designer, illustrator or just want to be able to communicate concepts graphically. Creating images reasonably well can be a very satisfying and relaxing experience for the rest of you life or career.

What is FAS?

This website is open-ended and socially involved (i.e. you, as viewers and students should participate by commenting and sharing experiences and resources). Though I have collected and organized the content of this website, I am as much, a student as anyone who visits here. I may be able to guide your thinking, practice and awareness, however, in all cases, the more I attempt to assist, the more I am aware of the beauty of the idea that I can not know what I don’t know. FAS does not limit itself to particular mediums (such as oil painting, digital art, animation, etc.) or tools (digital or traditional). FAS does, however address developing knowledge and skills that are a common basis for all graphic arts and more.

You can study the material presented here in any order, however, if you need to “start with the basics” the tutorials are coded for sequence, depth and complexity. You can read and view FAS material for knowledge and interesting stuff and to participate in discussions, but to get the most out of it, you will have to invest some time and energy in practicing the exercises and studying the reference material. FAS is and always will be a Work in Progress (WIP) because the material will always be evolving here on this site.

FAS is a socially developing site and experience. Subjects will be introduced as blog posts (there is a section for recent posts and a history of posts in the left column of each page). Each post has an open comments section that any registered visitor may contribute to. There is also a forum that is open for new topics and interactive discussion. As each subject matures it will be edited into a more coherent and concise form and stored in a Topic. Topics are cataloged in the righthand column of each page. Currently, most of these Topics are empty placeholders and exist only to provide some structure for subject development.

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