What Are Foundation Art Skills?

Foundation art skill are ways of thinking, understanding and learning that make the process of developing as an artist and producing the effective art that you intend to possible. Such skills are primarily ways of thinking or perceiving the world and critiquing your own work as you produce and develop. Foundation art skills are not usually associated with any one medium, subject, style, school or category of art. While such skills overlap one another and are very interdependent and are useful for art students, professional or instructors of any level, they are most easily discussed and demonstrated by using basic techniques in isolation. While color theory can be relevant to many subjects, it may be most easily demonstrated using acrylic paint for subtractive color or digital image processing for additive color.

Because these skills can be relevant at many levels of learning and sophistication, there is a web of interconnected references, definitions and communication that can be only implemented using modern delivery systems based on the Internet and modern computer technology. You can read and review this material at any level by using the built-in links and association to control the level of desired or useful details and sophistication. Skim through these pages, chasing links and associations that look interesting. Please contribute to discussion with opinions and questions.

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